Studio & facilities

Shore Pilates is fully equipped for group classes of all levels, and for those looking to push themselves our downstairs studio has a full suite of resistance equipment that will challenge even the most advanced.

Upstairs Studio

In our group mat classes our experienced teachers will lead you through a sequence of Pilates exercises designed to provide a well balanced and fun workout. Small apparatus such as Toning Circles, Foam Rollers, Balls and Therabands are often used to either assist and give more feedback, or challenge you further. Classes run in blocks of 5-8 weeks, with a maximum of 9 participants to ensure individual attention. The sessions can therefore be progressive, building your skills and strength from week to week.


Your first session will be an individual consultation to help both you and your teacher target specific needs. This is followed by regular pre-booked studio sessions where you will be using specialised Pilates equipment, small apparatus and matwork to enhance your programme. These can be 1:1 sessions or classes of up to 3.

Apparatus available for small group and 1-2-1 classes

  • 2 x Reformers    • Trap table   • Wunda Chair   • Pilates Arc

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