Georgina Sayer

Owner & Pilates Teacher

Born with a natural inclination towards movement and wellness, Georgina discovered her love for Pilates in 1999 and embarked on a journey to share its incredible benefits with others. She originally qualified with Body Control Pilates in Mat (Beginner through to Advanced) in 2000 and then went on to train in all of the Pilates apparatus, Reformer, Caddi, Wunda Chair and Barrels shortly after.

Georgina’s commitment to her craft led her to establish her own studio, Shore Pilates, which has become a hub of wellness and positive energy for the local community. Here, she creates a welcoming and inclusive space where individuals of all ages and fitness levels can discover the transformative power of good movement. Georgina’s teaching style focuses on precision, control, and breath, guiding her students to develop strength, mobility, balance and ease of movement.

To enhance her understanding of the human body, Georgina has spent the last 3 years learning about Myofascial focused training and is working towards her Slings Diploma with Art or Motion. This specialized training allows her to address the intricate network of fascia in the body, providing her students with a holistic approach to movement and rehabilitation. With this knowledge, Georgina tailors her classes to help her students release tension, improve posture, and enhance their overall physical well-being.

Georgina has also been a teacher trainer for Body Control Pilates for many years and loves to share her knowledge and passion to aspiring Pilates teachers, creating a supportive learning environment.


Pilates Teacher

Lauren has always believed that movement makes ALL things better, mentally and physically.  She has always made working out/ movement a part of her daily routine.  Lauren actually starting taking Pilates lessons with her mom back in 1996  and hasn’t stopped since.   She received her original certification through Power Pilates in Chicago, and has gone on to study at The Pilates Center in Boulder and the FAMI school in NYC , as well as studying anatomy with Julian Baker( Functional Fascia). She also received her Bowen Technique certification in 2018. For Lauren, continuing to learn different techniques and modalities of movement is the best way to keep her own teaching and practice unique and fun for all of her clients.. Lauren worked in Chicago, LA and New Jersey before making the move to Bournemouth 2015 and has been teaching at Shore Pilates ever since.

Hazel Mills

Pilates Teacher

Hazel has been teaching within the fitness industry for over 30 years, originally as a freelance aerobics Instructor teaching a wide variety of classes including bodypump, bodybalance, spinning and a range of body conditioning classes. She first took an interest in Pilates after an injury incurred whilst teaching a high impact aerobics class. Hazel fell in love with Pilates and the whole concept of it. Her interest in Pilates grew and still continues to do so. She is a qualified Body Control Pilates teacher.

Hazel took a further interest in rehabilitation and wanted to help people with specific problems and injuries. She was fortunate to be offered work in a rehabilitation clinic where she had the opportunity to work with neck and back patients and sports related injuries, all of which worked so well together with her previous training and Pilates teaching. Hazel believes Pilates is a great form of exercise for everybody, seeing the benefits in individuals from seniors to sportspeople to anti/postnatal woman to rehabilitation.

Michelle Lane

Pilate Teacher

Michelle recently moved to Bournemouth from London. She began Pilates whilst training for her career in professional dance at London’s Urdang Academy.

Realising how it had transformed her dance technique, strength and resistance to injury, she decided she wanted to share the fantastic benefits of Pilates. In 2012 she completed her instructor training in the BASI method at Pilates Centre SA whilst living in South Africa.

Michelle taught alongside her dance career in SA, then full-time in London since 2018. She has taught a range of styles to many different ages and abilities, from up-tempo group reformer sessions to music, to private rehab sessions at an osteopath.

She is passionate about sharing the joy of mindful and purposeful movement, and tailoring this to each client’s needs. Connecting mind and body is integral to her sessions, often using visualisation, tips and tricks to help clients get the most out of each exercise.

Stewart Tompkins

Pilate Teacher

Stewart has been doing karate since 1985 and teaching since 1998. After 2 prolapse discs, 2 years of work and 2 spinal operations, Stewart’s surgeon suggested pilates. After swallowing his pride, he began his pilates journey. It revolutionised his whole training regime and has changed his life. He is Body Control qualified and thrives on helping people to gain a greater understanding of movement and to enhance their quality of life whatever they choose to do.

Robyn Chambers

Pilates Teacher

Robyn is a dedicated Pilates teacher with a passion for movement and helping others achieve their fitness goals. With a background as a competitive rower, both nationally and internationally in South Africa and America, she discovered the incredible benefits of Pilates in enhancing her own sporting performance. This personal experience inspired Robyn to qualify as a Pilates teacher, initially with the intention of assisting the young rowers she currently coaches as a Rowing Coach.

Robyn completed her Pilates Matwork Teacher Training, under The Pilates Foundation, at Bodywise in Salisbury. Throughout her journey, she has had the privilege of learning from and collaborating with exceptional Pilates teachers and various other movement practitioners, which has further fueled her passion for teaching.

Driven by a desire to reach a wider audience, Robyn is enthusiastic about getting people moving and improving their overall well-being. Her teaching approach is centered around helping individuals of all abilities and levels of Pilates experience to move more efficiently and confidently, while gaining a deeper understanding of their bodies. Whether working with aspiring elite athletes seeking to enhance their specific sport performance, or individuals striving for pain-free movement in their everyday tasks, activities, and hobbies; Robyn is dedicated to empowering her clients to achieve their goals.

Outside of her work as a Pilates teacher, Robyn enjoys staying active and exploring various forms of movement. Her commitment to continuous learning and professional development ensures that she stays up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field of Pilates.

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