All teachers at Shore Pilates are experienced and highly qualified

Georgina Sayer


Georgina began her career as an exercise teacher and personal trainer in 1996. A few years later she was introduced to the Pilates method and never looked back! She began her training with Body Control Pilates (BCP) in 2000 and now teaches on both mat and machines. Georgina has been lucky enough to travel with her work, teaching in the Middle East for several months and Australia for 3 years, where she taught in two of Sydney’s most reputable Pilates studios, working alongside some incredible teachers. This gave her the experience and confidence to open Shore Pilates on her return. She is a Supervising teacher for BCP, helping train students towards gaining their Pilates certification and has recently become a Teacher Trainer presenting workshops for BCP in Bournemouth and London.

Ceri Mak

Pilates Teacher

Ceri first experienced the benefits of Pilates during a busy career in Marketing, having always been very active through out her life and enjoying a variety of sports she felt Pilates had something more to offer. Ceri qualified with the Pilates Foundation as a Matwork Teacher in 2009 and is an active committee member for the organisation. She believes that continuing professional development is vital to ensure her knowledge is current and regularly attends Pilates and Physiotherapy lead courses and seminars as well attending weekly lessons with her Pilates teachers. Ceri works to inspire her clients to explore their own potential for movement, providing them with the knowledge to get the best from their bodies both in her classes, as well as in their daily lives.

Luke Rendell

Pilates Teacher

Luke first learned the benefits of Pilates to support his full-time training as a Trampoline Gymnast for Great Britain. Following this, he used Pilates as a form of body conditioning during his career as an Acrobat and Dancer for Cirque du Soleil in the USA. Subsequently, he qualified as a teacher with the Pilates Foundation enabling him to further discover movement and to share his practice with others.

For Luke, Pilates is, and should be, accessible to everyone and it allows deep exploration into quality of movement. He believes Pilates training supports many acts ranging from functional daily tasks, all the way up to complicated athletic movements performed in Sports, Dance and Acrobatics. Regardless of experience there is always something to work on with Pilates; with his knowledge and extensive training, classes and exercises can be tailored to individual ability level and personal goals.

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